About Terra Bonum

About Terra Bonum

You get the most out of Your blueberry cultivation together. 


Cultivation advice bureau Terra Bonum originated from practice. I have noticed that there is an increasing need for knowledge and experience in the cultivation of blueberries, in order to get the best out of your cultivation. Cultivation advice and support with questions about construction, choice of varieties, fertilization, crop protection, pruning, etc. Recognition of diseases and pests and further support for optimizing your blueberry cultivation.

The name Terra Bonum stands for "Good Ground", the basis for growth.

'You can not guarantee the highest guaranteed yield from your blueberry crop without professional crop advice.'

About me

My name is Rob Derikx as a former entrepreneur / grower, I have a lot of technical knowledge and I have specialized as a cultivation consultant in blueberries.

I know what moves you as entrepreneurs and I sit with entrepreneurs like you at the table every day and stand on the field among the crops. I am in the midst of the daily practice of blueberry production and see the need for innovative cultivation techniques to grow in a sustainable way.

I have an independent position. In this way I provide objective and independent advice.